Maricel Ngagan

Maricel Ngagan – A Testimony

Hi everybody. I am Maricel Ngagan, I came to this church on the 24th of August, 2014. And I had this revelation on the 1st of September Monday, 2014. I am here to share with you about what God showed me in my dream.
I met a friend who came from CJHMMW.. And she invited me to go with her in their church and thats why i was introduced to pastor chris Igwebe. They had a viber group, In their Viber group it’s like a bible study or sharing the words Of God . So they joined   me there. Now pastor chris sent a link which is about Angelica Zambrano’s testimony.

About hell and heaven. After that day pastor Chris sent it that I should try to watch it and I almost finished it.. Suddenly I fell in my dream I was wondering where am i ,Cause was on a beautiful peaceful place .it so very wonderful until i saw so many shadow that they were all wearing white clothes,, some is on high some is kneeling and they are singing a song. Its a praise song. I look around I can’t believe What i saw, So there I Just say wow. Is this real? Am I here in heaven?
Suddenly somebody hold my hand and lead me to a path until the surroundings  became dark. I began to be scared, But still i continue Walking until i Reached to a point where there’s is a hole wide full of strong fire. I felt so hot then Surrounded by Shadows like monsters and cause of afraid that i felt i began to scream until the son of my employer wake up due to screaming. After that i told to the group about that dream then pastor chris said that the Lord  showed you what is Hell and Heaven. From then on ,I kept that on my mind that hell is so real! Maybe God has a purpose  that’s why he allowed me to dream that.

Secondly, Iwant to share about my healing. For a long time i‘ve been suffering   from insomnia. Its hard for me to sleep most especially at night time then one night that I can’t sleep i remembered the link of the song that pastor chris sent together with the video of Angelica Zambrano. I tried to Listen to it. I didn’t know that i fell asleep immediately my sleep is so straight and peaceful.
The song is so very solemnly and anointed, from that day on I made it as my daily routine. Before i sleep i need to hear that song just to get a peaceful Sleep. Now thats why i said the lord healed and anointed me through those songs. Cause so far my insomnia Is gone.see how the power of God healed me and how he loves His people. I’m so blessed With him. There is nothing impossible with him. When it comes to the holy spirit of God to work. Amen!

5 January 2013

THE WORLD HEALING CENTRE CHURCH WORLDWIDE MINISTRY Anniversary/Concert/Crusade held in purok 6 c. F. Natividad, Mapulang Lupa, Valenzuela City  Manila was awesome and amazing  many where healed and there were 67 souls who accepted Jesus Christ as their only personal Saviour and Messiah during the evangelical crusade & concert. And God presence came down   and the rain was stopped by the Lord for his purpose  Amen.

Truly, we are serving a Powerful and Faithful God, our Great Father in Heaven and all the glory belongs to Him alone.