Our Mission

Vision Statement

To bring divine healing to the sick and diseased, and to win souls at any cost.

Mission Statement

1. To preach the gospel of our LORD JESUS to all nations.

2. To encourage people to study the Word of God (His will).

3. To demonstrate the character of His Holy Spirit. To take His divine presence to the people or nations of the world as the LORD JESUS commanded.

4. To equip the saints or the Body of Christ to know the Holy Spirit as a Person. To know how to use this equipment that they’ve got and to effectively use the greatest asset given to them by God Almighty when they were born again.

5. To support financially orphans, widows, elders, fatherless, motherless, widowers, and those in desperate needs. And also the physically challenged.

6. To carry out an organized crusade that is a structured plan in order to impact Hong Kong and the nations with the saving and healing power of the LORD JESUS CHRIST that will bring revival fire in the individual’s life and the way of living.

7. To have different cell groups with different names and to disciple them for the LORD JESUS to be future leaders and have responsibility.

8. To develop and maintain evangelical outreach by communication through radio and television ministries and Internet evangelism to reach out,evangelical crusades, Bible school and training of the Pastors and ministers for this purpose also.

9. To establish and carry on a non-profit school or schools where students may obtain sound teaching of the Word of God and general education and to provide for the delivery and holding of lectures, exhibitions, meetings, classes and  conferences calculated directly to advance the teaching and doctrines of the Gospel and educations.