Precious Divine Lelina

Precious Divine Lelina – A Testimony

Greetings In The Name Of  The Lord Jesus Christ

I’m Precious Divine Leline From Philippines, I Have a testimony About Healing For God’s Glory, It was happened last 1 week ago dated 15th of May, That evening I am about to wash my face with a towel when i felt my face its seems that full of sands so roughly feeling, but i never felt some itchiness or anything and i saw on the mirror waah, Oh my god my face full of pimples, I never think its an allergy for i have even eaten such a food that may cause allergy and why its only on the face, My husband getting troubled and worried about seeing me so ugly and he advice me to consult on faith healer i said no my god is powerful than them, How can a demon heals his co demon, Then my husband get angry that leads us into some misunderstanding , That provokes me into prayer, and ask our Pastor in CJHMMW HK To pray to help me pray

Everyday i decree healing, I always say to our dear god, This is a great testimony to everyone that he is a great healer god, My neighbor here in Philippines they say witch, I heard them twice even i will put medicines, cream, or make up it will not come back my face, I ask the lord forgiveness to me and to them, and i told god blessing for them, I ask god to heal me remove that decease upon me and show to them that my god is a great healer a way maker awesome in power, miracle worker, promise keeper light in the darkness, Jesus. is his name, praise god,day to day i experience healing the mumps has gone and the and the pimples has gone and my face shines, The SHEKINNAH d i saw them tremble, when i told them to do the water drainage


On the spot they do it, That’s why Im so happy, and say in every miracle we had experience from the lord theres a great blessing , all the glory, all the power, all the blessings, and praise belongs to god in the mighty name of Jesus our Savior, amen and amen.


Special thank to Pastor CHRISTIAN ELIJAH IGWEGBE and CHRISTINE BALUTAN for helping me to pray I send ptr my picture that day and we have a video chat with Christine also you can ask them they see it my picture my face so ugly it’s getting mumps and full of pimples. So thankful to GOD I AM HEALED.