Recy Garcia

I am Recy Garcia, 35 yrs old, a single mom with two children, a boy (12 yrs old )and a girl (16 yrs old). It’s been 9 years of no communication with my husband. I also have no parents anymore. We are seven in our family and I am the youngest and I was working for almost 6 years as an OFW in HongKong. And this is the beginning of my many trials because I completely ignored God. I was really selfish, only thinking of what would benefit me and not others.

I worked from one employer to another then things got so chaotic that I started to feel emptiness inside me. I never finished my contract with my second employer and looked for another employer and after three months, they terminated me! I did not lose hope to the point I approached many agencies to somehow help me but then again I was fooled again. I did not inform my family anymore of what’s really happening to me because I don’t to give them any problems. I love my family very much and I would rather bear all the pains than see them suffering and worrying because of me. I tried my luck by going to Macau, but nothing happened at all! I went back to HongKong and there I decided to just go back to the Philippines. That’s when I totally lost my self confidence to the point that I just sat in one corner and poured out all my depression, frustration, by really crying so hard.

Then a Filipina girl approached me and talked to me and even encouraged me to go with her because she wanted me to meet their Pastor named Ptr Chris from Nigeria and just attend the service thinking that this will enlighten me a bit. Had a heart to heart talk with Ptr Chris and honestly, it lifted the heavy burden that I was carrying all this time. And I must admit that out of all those people begging me to attend their church service, this is the only invitation I said yes and I am so so thankful to God especially when I gave my heart to Jesus and also ever since I started giving tithes to God, I completely surrendered to Him everything, my life, my family, my financial struggles…Then miracles began its work! I experienced blessings, after blessings, after blessings and more blessings!

Glory to God because He never abandoned me but all this time it was me who really abandoned Him!. I am forever thankful to God for what He is doing in my life now and for all those people He used to changed me completely most especially to Pastor Christian Igwegbe.

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