Remier Rollon

I am Remier Rollon,  native of Cagayan Valley. I want to share my testimony and I’m sure, you can take a good lesson from it. Well, year 2005 when I had planned to go abroad, but everything was too difficult, aside from money, my birth certificate and my baptismal at the same time. I put in my mind that nothing is hard because I’m willing. In other ward, If there’s a will, there’s a way.

Just now I realized that God was testing me and he want to mold me into a strong believer. Whatever is his plan in my life. I am ready to follow…

I went to a Catholic church to ask about baptismal certificate, and they gave me a lot of requirements. So I shared my problems with some of my friends, and one of them told me that I try to ask the Pastor of Born Again Christian about it. I went to the house of the Pastor then and I asked him to baptise me, he smiled and he said he can’t because I need to study the bible first within 6 months before he can baptise me. I begged him then he agreed, but in one condition, I need to attend the bible study always together with my husband. After a few weeks, me and my husband baptised. At first, I thought I just needed a babtismal certificate . But when I received Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I began to obey his commandments and became active in church .Together with my family. Especially when I heard the word of God, “Seek ye first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto thee. We stood and kept these words. That I found out, his promises are true. He blessed our fishnet and our fishpond which supply our well. But still I wanted to go abroad. I processed my papers and I applied from the accredited agency. While I’m waiting for employer I was working as a sales crew in Big mak Burgers Incorporation. And go back home every Saturday for the music ministry practice.

A few months later, I’ve got a call from my agency, that I need to report  as soon as possible and get ready for the training. I filed a resignation letter immediately, but the branch manager didn’t let me go, and my daughter was sick at the same time. There was something hard just like a jack stone ball above her vagina. I was worried and I don’t know what to do. Me and my husband prayed for healing. I carried my daughter all day and night, I worshiped and prayed, and I don’t want to stop until God answer me. However, I brought her in a private doctor and he schedule the operation. I cried out to God to do a great miracle because he is the great Doctor, and I didn’t want my daughter to have an operation because she’s a very young. I brought her back home even my heart just like tear apart when I saw her cried for the pain she had. I believe that God can make a miracle. I didn’t stop to pray, after 3 days that kind of disease was gone away. I don’t know how to thank God that moment. I can’t expressed how happy I am and I didn’t go for training.

Even, though I can’t convinced my parents to be a born again. I request to our Pastor to have a bible study in our family house for once a week. My father refused but I insisted. The following weeks, during the bible study, I didn’t know my father has a liquor and he drank it instead of attending the bible study When he got drunk, while Pastor was preaching the gospel. My father said he never believe what our Pastor preached, all of us rebuked him quietly. After a few weeks he get sick. I was in my work when I received a message that I need to go home because my father is sick and he needed me. I’d go home then, when he saw me, he asked me to pray for him. I was perplexed at  that moment because I never expected what he acted. God is really so good, he will make the way to know him better. So, I told him to confess all his sins so that God can give his healing. I’ve gave him a massage and I prayed for him the next day. He’s already well, and he gathered us, he said that from that day on he will never take a cigarette anymore Nor get drunk . It’s really amazing  I cried for joy and we thank God for our prayer.

Since our father change, my siblings was also convinced to be a born again Christian together with their families for God’s glory.

After few months I was on duty when I receive a message from my mother that my daughter was in the hospital. I closed my van and directly went to the hospital. I went to information to know which ward my daughter is. They said in medical ward. When I saw my daughter, she cried out loud and she embraced me, just like she said “mama help me”. How terrified I felt that moment. I asked my husband, what happened, he said he don’t know. I went to the information and asked the doctor what kind of disease my daughter has. They said they cannot found out yet and they’re still examining  because her case is different, I was worried and I didn’t know what to do. Exactly the next day is Sunday. I went to the church nearer to my job. When I reached the church I began to pray and cried for miracle healing. And I didn’t know that the text is about great miracles, and the Pastor who preached is from the other place, and he shared his testimony about what happened to his younger child. According to him he was dying for the disease he has. And they asked the whole congregation to give their support in praying for miracles but still not getting well. They gave their best to pray but not effective as he said, he opened his bible and God gave the answer that his eldest son to pray for the sick. Because the bible say, God always listened to the righteous. After the service, I asked the two Pastors to come with me in the hospital to pray for my daughter. And I asked our Pastor and the congregation prayer for healing. What I mean is from my church where I serve. I claimed that God will do a miracle. After 2 days in the hospital I asked my mother what is the result of the examination. She said, the doctor didn’t figure out what kind of disease what my daughter has. So, I decided to release my daughter from that hospital and take her back home.

I was in stressed. Because I didn’t know what to do for those burdens I have to face. I need to work but my daughter need me too. So I pray, that God will arrange everything. In the night when we are in bed, my son, me and my daughter was leadby  the holy spirit to worship God. WE sang together to the Lord and proclaimed his goodness. In the morning my daughter woke me up. I thought, I’m just dreaming because my daughter asked me to give her food. I got up quickly and carried her to the kitchen. I asked her everything she wanted, I will give her, although she is well. I ‘m back to work again.

2 months later, I had an urgent report to my agency and they won’t listen any reason out because they said my employer is a Royale Family. I’ve already forgot about my employment to work abroad. My mind refused to take that opportunity. I was informed to my husband that I don’t want to go, but he said for the future of our children. And he will be good even I’m far away. I left the Philippines in 2007 and I went to Dubai U.A.E to work as a domestic helper. I didn’t get the chance to  go to church because I don’t have off days, but then, I’ve still gave my best to the church. I gave the 10% of my salary even too low. And i experienced that God love a cheerful giver. Because he blessed my entire family. And I was blessed too because my foreign employers became good to me and he gave me a high salary.

One  year later I received a message that my parents were already Pastors. So I was happy for those blessing that I received and I thank God for his guidance, care and love.

After my 2 years my employer asked me to come back because their children liked me much, and they treat me as part of their family. So, when I get back home, they gave me a lot of blessings. After my 2 mths vacation, I went back then, and after one month My husband left my children behind, Because he did a big mistake I cried everyday,And my spirit was down. I felt like I lost everything, I was in my emotions and totally desperate, then I began to follow what I wanted, and I put in my mind that me and my children will be happy even if without my husband but I was wrong. My daughter was affected, after 1 year she didn’t get the high grades because she always missed her father terribly. I talked to her patiently that she need to study hard for her future otherwise I will not go back home. She promised then, but the school year finish again but still her grades was the same. I talked to her again and asked what is the problem, she cried and she said, she wanted me to go home, she don’t need my money, she just need me to by her side. It just broke my heart all the words she said, I talked to her that I need a few months to stay so that I have money to stay in the Philippines together with them. Nov 6, 2011 when my employer let me go, they tried to convince me to come back but I told them about my problem. So they said the door is always open anytime.

I stayed in Philippines in the family house , my children was happy because I gave to them all my attention and my daughter became active in her class. I gave everything they wanted. They asked me to go to church with them. I’d go but my mind is empty. It’s because for a long time I didn’t serve God.

And the anger was still in my heart. Until I got a different kind of illnesses like hypertension, severe kidney infection and diabetes. That’s I remember God. I cried to him to heal me, otherwise I can’t give a better future for my children, I took medication for almost 3 months. When I got well, I started to process my papers to come here in Hong Kong, my daughter didn’t agree at first but I explained very well.

After 4 months I left Philippines, 2 weeks after I arrived here in Hong Kong. The sister of my friend invited me to go with her in church of Christ. I had a lesson for the bible study every Sunday and attend the mass after that lesson. Everyone of them showed their goodness to me. I’ve learned so many things just like how to get dress, hand made bags, and how to respect the time for God. They believe God is the father and Jesus Christ is Lord, and his the head of the church. And they believe that only in the church of Christ will be save in the judgement.

Before I went back home, I wanted to go to Liksang Plaza to buy some Filipino products, every Sunday. I met Pastor Chris there but I didn’t remember the exact date. In every time I went there, I saw him together with sister praying with somebody but I ignored them. Aside from them I met some other friends who convinced me to go to the church of born again but I really don’t care.

On December 26, 2012 I went to NanFung, but I didn’t know where to go that day. I met one friend, I asked what is her name and where she’d go. She said she will go in the house of their Pastor. She asked me to go with her. I went  with her ,then and they prayed for me when we know each other and shared about my life because they asked me. That’s why I opened for them, and they welcome me to their church but still I didn’t go.

And last week that was on Feb 13,2013. There was an evangelical mission for the church of Christ. We need to invite more souls to attend. I invited all my friends but I didn’t know that some of them are born again. They scolded me instead of listened to me. They asked me to come back but I ignored them. I didn’t know but how ever I ignored them they never give up. I didn’t know that everyone of them was praying for me.

And last Sunday that was on Feb 17, 2013. I went to Liksang Plaza to by Filipino food, while I was walking around, I saw Pastor Chris together with 3 sisters praying beside the escalator. I keep on walking, but in my way back home, I saw them again in front of NanFung Center, I keep on walking again but just like someone told me to come back. That’s what I remember one sister who asked me to find for her a church. I came to them and I was asking the location for their church, they gave me a calling card of Pastor and the address. after we know each other. They prayed for me and at that moment I felt different. I felt the anointing of the holy spirit and It lead me to sing. But when I told to Pastor that I am not the one who is looking for a church,But somebody else. Pastor answered “God use the sister who asked for a church to meet them because God has a plan for me too.”  I didn’t  know that the Pastor I ignored is the one  I came to and I claimed , this is a great opportunity to revive and rebuilt my faith. Just now I realized that God was testing me and he want to mold me into a strong believer. Whatever is his plan in my life. I am ready to follow, thanks to Pastor Chris because God use him to bring me back into Christ.

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